60a 100a 160a 200a sm1325 lágmark kostnaður cnc plasma klippa vél

Fljótlegar upplýsingar

Skilyrði: Nýtt
Voltage: AC220V/380V +/-10%
Málstyrkur: 100A
Dimension(L*W*H): 3*2.06*1.4m
Weight: 1000kg
Certification: CE, ISO for 1325 cnc plasma cutting machine
Warranty: 1 Year for 1325 cnc plasma cutting machine
Þjónustuþjónusta veitt: Verkfræðingar tiltækir þjónustu véla erlendis
Machine name: JX1325 cnc plasma cutting machine
Vinnusvæði: 1300 * 2500mm
Power: 60A 100A 160A 200A
Skurðarþykkt: 0-30mm
Skurðarhraði: 0-8m/mín
Moving speed: 0-50m/min
Drive type: stepper
Transmit: XY gear rack , Z ballscrew
Interface: USB port
Working mode: Untouched Arc Striking Arc Pressure Adjuster


1. Y axis adopts double motors with double drivers. all axis adopt square rail, double four ball slider, moving smoothly, with high accuracy.

2. Létt geislahönnun, góð stífni, létt þyngd og örlítið hreyfanleg tregða.

3. Excellent performance on cutting metal. stainless steel plate etc.

4. Work together with other advertising machines, such as CNC router and so on, improving working efficiency

5. Small cutting gap, no residua high cutting speed, high accuracy and low cost advanced CNC control system, Auto Arc, arcing success rate over 99%

6. Support G code files of ARTCAM, Type3 software.also support DXF files of Autocad by transfer software. Control system supports U disk file transfer, easy operation.

7.Adopt well-known domestic plasma power supply and cutting torch, Hypertherm power is optional.


Tæknilegar breytur

VélargerðJX1325 cnc plasma cutting machine
Vinnusvæði1300 * 2500mm
Plasma rafall100A (60A 160A 200A optional)
VinnuhamurUntouched Arc Striking Arc Pressure Adjuster
StjórnkerfiStart control with Automatic torch height control
ViðmótUSB port
Skurður þykkt0-30mm according to generator power
Skurðarhraði0-8m / mín
Hraði hreyfingar0-50m / mín
Automatic height adjust
Uppbygging vélarthick steel tube welding
Rail typeHiwin linear rails
Drive typeStepper
TransmitXY gear rack, Z ballscrew
KrafturAC380V±10%, 50-60Hz
UmsóknMetal: iron, steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.
AthugasemdirMachine can be customized as you required.


þjónusta okkar

1. service before sales: our salesman will try to know your requirement about our cnc router specificaiton and what kind of work you will do. then we will offer our best solution for your requirement. then it can confirm each customer can get their real needed machine.
2. service during production: we will send photos of machines during making. so customers can know more details about the procession of making their machines. and give their suggestions.
3. service before shipping: we will take photo and confirm with customers the specification of their orders to avoid the mistake of wrong making machines.
4. service after shipping: we will check when the machine arrive your sea port and estimated date of arrival. so customers can know when it will arrive and make enough preparation.
5. service after arrival: we will confirm with customers if machine is in good condition. and see if any spare parts missing.
6. service of teaching: there are some manual and video about how to use machine, if some customers have question about it. we will have professional technician to help them to install and teach how to use through skype ,calling, vedio or mail.
7. service of warranty: we offer 12 month warranty for whole machine and 6 month warranty for spindle. if any parts of our machine is broken. we will replace it for free.
8. service in longterm: we hope every customer can use our machine easliy and have a fun of it. if customers have any problems of machine in 3 or more years, they can contact us. we will always here waiting for you.