Skera 3-3 litla plasmaskurðavél fyrir vatnsþota og flaneportable cnc plasma klippa vél

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Skilyrði: Nýtt
Model Number: CUT3-3
Voltage: Single phase 220V
Meðalstyrkur: 200W
Þyngd: 150 kg
Certification: ISO CCC
Ábyrgð: 1 ár
Þjónustuþjónusta veitt: Verkfræðingar tiltækir þjónustu véla erlendis
Effective Cutting Area (Max): 1500mm*5500
Skurðarhraði: 0-5000mm / mín
Support software: InteGNPS/Artcut6/Caxa/AutoCAD/Art CAM/Star CAM
Plasma Cutting Thickness: 1.5-30mm
Flame Cutting Thickness: 6-200mm
Transfers System: USB/SD/RS232
Height Control Mode: Automatic
Operator Interface: English/customer language
Cutting Gas: Oxygen, Acetylene, Propane



This product is an economic, easy-to-use operation and maintenance type CNC flame &plasma cutting machine which is devoted to many kinds of metal sheet cutting. To achieve a variety of metal materials by any graphic material cutting, after cutting the cut surface under normal circumstances does not require processing on the surface. With a high degree of automation, easy-to-use, high accuracy, high reliability and low price, operation, maintenance etc is very simple and widely applicable to themanufacture of machine tool, shipbuilding, pressure vessel, engineering and mining machinery, electric power, bridge building and steel industries etc.


Features of cnc plasma klippa vél

01) Simple and easy to learn, and convenient interface.
CAD graphics through the conversion software automatically generate the cutting path, automatically identify inside cutting or outside cutting, and automatically generated the inlet and outlet leading wire. Reasonable sorting, inside the hole is preferred. Individual parts cutting priority, you can use unclosed graphics in special cutting. For strip cutting, it can achieve the most effective reduction to thermal deformation. The machine can work with the software like, Type3, Master CAM, Pore and Pro nest etc. Automatic cut seam compensation, auxiliary set of materials, automatic sorting, and continuous batch cutting. Automatic take-off and landing speed, automatic identification of cutting start point, corner speed smoothly, high cutting precision.
It adopts built-in and external U-disk manner, and transfers the documents through external U-disk to built-in U-disk. Even if the power is turned off, the data won’t be lost. To store the data through compression code method, this can greatly improve the quality of storage and has random encryption to ensure the data security.

02) Easy to manipulate and maintain.
Friendly interface, random tip the operation methods, simple English keyboard, and quick operation at a glance. Interface indicator can provide fault diagnosis.

03) Reasonable price with super quality and compact structure.
Reasonable arrangements for the space-saving, compact robust design of the structure, making the machine run more smoothly to ensure the cutting quality.

04) Increasing the anti-interference processing, maximum to avoid the failure rate.


Technic parameters

Skurðarhraði0-5000mm / mín
Skurður þykktplasma cutting 1.5-30mm
Flame CuttingAutomatic Mode 6-200mm
Skurður svæði1000~1500mm*1000~6000mm
Line Accuracymore or less 0.5mm
Move Accuracy0.003125 mm/step
Work Power~220V/~110V 50HZ 200W
Support SoftwareInteGNPS/Artcut6/Caxa/Auto CAD/Master CAM etc
Operator InterfaceEnglish/Customer language
Transfers SystemUSB/SD/RS232
Skurður gasAcetylene, propane, methane
Height Control ModeSjálfvirk
The Size of Screen7.5 inch


þjónusta okkar

1.Warranty:12 months warranty for this model
2.Support:Engineers available to service overseas for our cooperators
3.Inquiry: your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours