flytjanlegur cnc plasma, gas, logi, oxgen plata skurðarvél með THC

Fljótlegar upplýsingar

Skilyrði: Nýtt
Spenna: 220V / 380V 50HZ
Rated Power: 2.2kw
Dimension(L*W*H): 360*30*30CM
Þyngd: 200 kg
Vottun: CE ISO
Ábyrgð: 1 ár
Þjónustuþjónusta veitt: Verkfræðingar tiltækir þjónustu véla erlendis
Machine Name: portable cnc cutting machine
Cutting Mode: plasma or gas
Skurður efni: málmur. Málmálmur. Ál
Cutting thickness: 0-200mm aim at carbon steel
Skurðarhraði: 0-6000mm / mín
Control system: CNC Controller
Selective Color: Red/Blue/yellow/orange/black/white etc
Umsókn: Industrial Metal Cutting
Type: CNC Machinery
working area: (L*W)3000*1500mm



Nafn: CNC klippa vél.
Model: WMS-1530P/WMS-1530F/WMS-1530PF
cutting ways: plasma and flame
Cutting application: Mainly used for metal cutting works
suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, Aluminum etc. nonferrous metal cutting works
Cutting graphic: Any flat graphic
Nesting software: Fastcam or the Equivalent software
Cutting thickness: 0~200mm byflame cutting and the 0~50mm by plasma depends on the capacity of plasma power source here LGK 0~300Ampere are available.
Machine application area
Machine widely used in machine tool manufacturing, petrochemical equipment, light machinery, shipbuilding, pressure vessel, engineering machinery, mining machinery, electric power, bridge construction, aerospace, steel structure, boiler, haun heater,


Machine characteristics

Wanma series flytjanlegur CNC klippa vél overall compact microstructure, the machine cross rails &longitudinal rails adopting 6061 hard aluminum alloy material,so characteristics are small, flexible operation. As alternative handheld flame cutting equipment, handheld plasma cutting device, profiling cutting machine and semi-automatic cutting carriage of the ideal upgrading products. As flexible and convenient use and cutting the small car, optional move does not occupy a fixed space, is specially used for sheet metal blanking of NC equipment. Suitable for optimum cutting inside and outside, can realize the press any graphics blanking cutting various metal materials. Cut mouth roughness can be up to 25 (Del) 3, after the cutting of surface usually do not need to undertake processing. With a high degree of automation, easy to use, high precision& reliability, low price, much convenient on operation and maintenance.

2.) Support flame and plasma cutting modes;
3. )Economical, structural and design simple, adopt a human-oriented human-computer dialogue design, easy to operate;
4. )The cutting effect can achieve high quality, high standard and high precision.
5.) Chinese and English operation interface can be freely converted.
6.) The training materials are complete and the after-sales service is in place.


System: the system is a special portable CNC operating system developed by sino-foreign joint venture, with strong stability, rich function and easy operation.

Configuration: the key parts of the machine and electronic parts are all famous brand products at home and abroad, running noiseless, durable, high stability and continuous working.

Guide rail and beam: this machine adopts aluminum alloy integrated guide rail and beam, and is designed by mechanics principle.Ensure that each factory guide and beam are high pressure resistance, high precision, low tolerance, long term use is not easy to deform.

Anti-interference: high frequency anti-interference device is installed inside and inside the main engine. High quality shielding line is used in the internal wiring, which effectively prevents the system from working abnormal due to the plasma high frequency interference system.

Precision: the operating accuracy of the machine is 0.2mm.
The workpiece is cut completely, moved in position, and the error is small.

Test before delivery: after assembly of the product, the whole machine will be used for drawing test.
The guide rail, beam, main engine positioning sliding block and so on to carry on the tolerance to add fine tuning.After that, the machine runs 24 hours and enters the packaging area after the whole machine evaluation.