Product feature:

1. Adopt Startshaphon control system, it can cut arbitrary complex planar shape, high efficiency, low cost.

2. The nesting software can read Auto CAD format file directly and turn into cutting program.It has humanized human machine interface and powerful automatic programming system.

3.With SF25g torch height controller the plasma torch could adjust height automatically.

4. This machine has special features of compact structure, beautiful style, light weight and convenient movement. It can cut by manual control, and also can cut automatically with stable movement and high cutting accuracy.

5. The machine adopts telescopic boom type structure, X, Y axis both adopt aviation aluminum alloy material, high accuracy, no deformation and good appearance.

6. Standard model: A,1525: 1500*2500mm; B,1530: 1500*3000mm

Optional size: 1500*4000/6000/8000/10000/12000mm

7.Application:Iron sheet, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, stainless sheet, Titanium plate and Aluminum plate, etc. Widely used in shipbuilding, duct, stoves, automobile, agricultural machinery, plate cutting, pressure vessel, tower, railway and aviation industries.

Product parameter:





Skurður efniAll metal sheetMild/High Carbon steel
Cutting size1500 * 3000mm
Skurður þykktAccording to Plasma source6-120mm
Lifting travel≤130mm
Max travel speed6000mm / mín
Running accuracy≤0.05mm



CNC controllerStartshaphon (Optional: FangLing)
Auto Height controlStarfire SF-25GLifter
Motor drive modeSkref mótor
DrifkerfiStakt drif
Að draga úrDirect drive
Transmission methodRack and pinion drive
Linear guideLinear axis
X,Y Axis beamHeavy duty aviation aluminum-alloy


Kraftur220V/ 380V(optional)
Skurður gasCompressed airOxygen + Ethyne(Propane)

Fuel gas:0.1MPa


Graphic import methodUSB
ForritunarhugbúnaðurAutoCAD(all dxf,dwg,CAM,NC files)
Varpt hugbúnaðurFastCAM


KyndillOne set of Plasma torchOne set of Flame torch
Consumables10 sets of nozzles3 Flame nozzles




Plasma source :to be confirmed

Þyngd160Kg+Plasma source

Algengar spurningar:

Q1: I knew nothing about this machine, what kind of machine I should choose?

Very easy to choose. Just tell us what you want to do by using CNC plasma machine, then let us give you perfect solutions and suggestions.

Q2: When I got this machine, but I don’t know how to use it. What should I do?

We will send video and English manual with the machine. If you still have some doubts, we can talk by telephone or whatsapp and e-mail.

Q3: If some problems happen to this machine during warranty period, what should I do?

We will supply free parts during machine warranty period if machine have some problems. So any doubts, just let us know, we will give you solutions.

Q4: Before sending me an inquiry on our plasma, it is better for you to provide me the following information

1)Your cutting size. Because in our factory, we have different models according to working area.

2)Your materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel , aluminum, or other materails

3) what’s your cutting thickness?

We will recommend suitable power source to you according to your cutting thickness

Fljótlegar upplýsingar

Condition; New
Upprunastaður: Shandong, Kína (meginland)
Model Number: FY-BX1530HD
Spenna: 220V / 380V
Matsstyrkur: 7,5kw
Dimension(L*W*H): 2100*3500mm
Þyngd: 150 kg
Vottun: CE
Ábyrgð: 1 ár
Þjónustuþjónusta veitt: Verkfræðingar tiltækir þjónustu véla erlendis
Product name: gas plasma cutting machine
Cutting Method: plasma and oxygen
Effective Cutting Width and Length: 1500mm*3000mm
Cutting torch lifting stroke: ≤100mm
Cutting Speed: 0-15000 mm/min
Maximum idle speed: 18000mm/min
running accuracy: ≤0.005mm
Cutting thickness: According to the selected power supply, less than 20mm is best
Gas cutting: air / nitrogen /oxygen
CNC cutting plasma machine: CNC cutting plasma machine